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Founded in 2004 by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs, RheaBelle apparel has received accolades from women throughout the country and abroad as the most innovative, daring and beautifully unique designs in post-mastectomy wear. Jacqueline began altering and designing garments soon after her single mastectomy to honor her renovated form- giving it a place in the world free from fear, taboo and traditional solutions such as reconstruction and prostheses.

Speaking vividly from practical and conceptual voices her designs balance, compliment and embrace the body with graceful attitude and modern style- finding inspiration in asymmetry and natural forms. Evolving into a powerful movement towards opening minds to new possibilities RheaBelle apparel is devoted to comfort and reinvention of the spirit of fashion. These versatile creations are designed to honor the body. Beauty in all its forms.

"She awoke one day, her architecture changed, her options bound in fear, and decided to start a revolution... just to set herself free."
(Jacqueline Lou Skaggs, 2004)