• word on the street...

    "I saw your work whilst waiting for a doctors appointment. I wanted to say your work is wonderful and very strong. I am a fashion photographer and I am very aware of how designers invariably fall down when designing out of the mainstream. You don't! It's a very elegant solution and very rare to see." Adrian Buckmaster, photographer, NYC

    "Freaking genius. PLEASE don't give this revolution up... I feel like [today] I stumbled upon some great monumental new hope and it reshaped my mind in two minutes. That's revolutionary. You seriously cannot stop. And you get comments like "genius" because it is, though I can tell you're too humble to 2nd our opinions... still. ...But it's like this huge stone was thrown in your path and you just said "screw it" and started making a sculpture right there in the middle of the road. The world is short on people like you. ... But your whole movement is revolutionary. It had not even occurred to me to go uniboob before. I think you ROCK. You seriously have changed my mind about so much. Thank you." Kelly, AK

    "I am moved beyond belief. As a cancer survivor myself, and a woman who has had reconstruction, the thought of NOT reconstructed never entered my consideration as the doctor's didn't even talk about it as an option! I feel betrayed to an extent that the male surgeon didn't tell me it was OK to go with one breast. Not that I shouldn't have known it for myself, but when you have 10 days between diagnosis and surgery, that's a lot of crap to deal with because all you are thinking about is SURVIVAL. Would I do it differently? I don't know...perhaps my path was to be a spirit whose chest was reconstructed as an example, for we are all examples of survivorship with our without our breasts. Either way we all have scars, and those scars speak a multitudes of languages. Bless you and your cool designs!!!" Adriene, CA

    "Something very important is happening here. Rhea Belle through the gifted hands and heart of Jacqueline will change the landscape of how women view themselves and how the world views women. It's about dam time, too! I chose recon, bilat, but I don't recall being given a clear "choice", I was in the midst of facing my death and I had MDs, seasoned and highly educated individuals telling me what was going to happen...I may have said one thing, to my husband, to friends, and to the docs, but inside I had shut down that logical side and was genuinely unable to make such a decision at the time it was thrust upon me. I don't know if my choice would have been altered but I know at that time I didn't feel that I had a choice. Jacqueline's message MUST be SUNG. This is a vitally important concept relating to how women love themselves and it is time the world knows." Erika, CA

    "Hi Jacqueline - While surfing around trying to find inspirational photos of BC survivors without recon, I came by the book excerpt and to your page... what can I say, stunning lateral (or bilateral!) thinking.Your designs are lovely and the structural scarf detail giving just the look and sense I have been trying to create for myself (originally right mast due to cancer with an elective left mast a year on, which is so liberating - I too could not abide the notion of revolting prostheses or recon.which everyone just assumes one will want) How do you go about selling your designs? I am in the UK, and would love to spread the word that there is a third way for those of us minus breast(s)! Love what you are doing, you inspirational woman!" Irene, UK

    "I am a breast cancer survivor and I love your clothes. I will be getting a mastectomy so your clothes are very appealing to me. However, the reason I am contacting you is because I have regular appointments at the hospital and was wondering if you would like me to distribute some of your postcards, flyer's, etc. at the hospital when I go. If you would like me to distribute them I could take some with me to the breast clinic, the oncology department, plastic surgery and the radiology departments. I think that women would love your clothes. I met a lot of glamorous women while I was taking chemo/radiation. Your clothes are so beautiful and unique. Just a thought... I don't mind because I think women need to know about your clothing. I haven't seen anything on the market that compares to your designs.” Dee, IL

    "I am a recent bi-lateral mastectomy survivor and I have just discovered your clothing line. I am just ecstatic over your designs and your concept of "life after surgery". I chose not to have reconstruction and although I have breast forms I can wear, I really prefer not to as much as possible. Your designs are a feast for the eyes... I have been so frustrated trying to find fashionable garments and undergarments since my surgery last fall. I can't wait to get these pieces and to spread the word! You have truly done something very important here and I, for one, am very grateful. Bless you, thank you." Marna, NJ

    "Well, Hello. Stumbled onto your sight while looking for my first sewing machine since the late 70's. I am enamored by the clothing you design and I joyfully embrace your philosophy of moving forward with the body we have. Wow, I am so amazed and pleased to find your site. Thank you so much for being on this earth, loving and living and sewing and advocating for others." Lynda, US

    "I squealed with delight once I opened the package you sent. Both pieces fit me perfectly!! Today I have the gray dress layered over jeans and ballet flats--and since I work at a high school I KNOW the girls will ask where I got it!! The scarf attached is BRILLIANT and the cotton feels so soft against my skin. My MIL is a breast cancer survivor and I showed her your website and said, the anti-pink ribbon kick ass lady. She is 72 and she "got it". Nice work Jacqueline and I look forward to more in your collection. Thank you thank you, thank you for clothes with purpose and passion and NOT from big business, corporate entities. I feel unique and special and every girl deserves to feel that way. You kick butt!" Amity, ME

    "Jacqueline, Thank you for showing me your clothes today. They are just delightful—pretty, whimsical, practical. I'm very pleased with my shirt and mulling over future options." Megan, NY

    "I have come home inspired and rejuvenated. You have helped me to go back to feeling good about my body, as it is. You are doing a wonderful thing with Rhea Belle." Laurie, Canada

    "You remain an inspiration to so many. My friend in NH credits Rebel as the central factor in her decision for no reconstruction... and she's so relieved and grateful. I send your link to everyone!" Hannah, NH

    "Today I blogged about breastlessness and stigma and fashion, and linked up with your line of clothing. And it just made me think – Jacqueline is doing very cool things in the world, and making my world a better place. And so, Thanks to you for your courage and your tenacity and the beautiful things you make." Mary, BC

    "This is MY shirt. Jacqueline made it for me Labor Day weekend when I came to visit her in New York. I wore it to Coney Island on Labor Day, and it was my first trip out in public without my prosthesis in the nine years since my mastectomy (except for a couple of times that I ran out of the house without Jabba, the prosthesis, because I was in a hurry. I'm wearing this shirt now as I type. I wore it again today to head down to Pioneer Square in Seattle to get a massage. It's a great shirt--comfortable to wear, great color, and you can wrap it four or five different ways, which is fun." Jeanne, WA

    "I just saw your clothing online, after searching for information on mouth cancer. How it got me to your site... I don't know. But the clothing is so beautiful, and modern it has left me feeling a little lighter." A, Canada

    "Brilliant, thoughtful and practical designs inspired by experience. I love the logo, too!" Kathy, PA

    "These are the coolest clothes I've ever seen!" Tina, NJ

    "Oh my *&%$!!! I love this one, too! Aiieee! You're a genius!" Tina, NJ

    "...fantastic. don't forget, your clientele is going to "double" when people realize that you don't have to have had a mastectomy to wear your lovely creations! (i know, I know....get in line.)" Laura, NY

    "Classy, elegant AND comfortable.....fabulous design my friend!" Lori, NY

    "I really like this and would totally wear it (mastectomy or not)...perhaps in a dark and darker red, though. :-)" Jessiqa

    "It is beautiful...balanced, and yet not. I love how you left the construction showing. You're brilliant!" Marissa, NJ

    "Gorgeous Jacqueline! Could be worn with jeans, a straight skirt or a pair of slacks or capris. Very versatile! Wonderful creation!" Lynnie, IL

    "Well done! Very artful. I love everything you're doing with these designs." Rose, NY

    "I think you should start a clothing line. I LOVE this." Lori, NY

    "That's t he best use of design I've seen in a long time." Heather, Nova Scotia

    "...I do believe you are onto something that is beyond my imagination, I know this--If I had not chosen my route, well, I would be minus two (given my situation), but if I were minus one and au natural on the other, I would definitely hit you up for some designs... I can't tell you what a need this will fulfill for women." Erika, CA

    "Behind these inspirational, dreamy, passionate photos, rebel1in8 brings the fight against cancer alive with style and fervor. This battle does not need to be aggressively or violently engaged. Instead it should be waged with creativity, conscientiousness and inspiration. thank you so much for the inspiration laced with tenderness, courage, and ingenuity. As young women, we are required to battle physically and socially; against a stilted medical community that believes breast cancer is only post menopausal as well as a society that regards symmetry as the sole mark of beauty. Thank you for your message of strength brought forth through your art. We didn't chose to fight, the fight chose us. We are victorious in living and defeating these limited social definitions with an insatiable rebellious spirit." Kim, OH

    "...we're human. Humans want to be right. All of us. We want to be cheerleaders when we have no idea what to do. "Radical" is something that isn't soft and pretty and pink... and it scares us. RADICAL scares the shit out of people because it forces growth and growth ALWAYS comes from stepping outside our comfort zones. I believe in YOU. I believe in RADICALISM. Most of all, I believe that teaching people about choice; personal/medical realities is the best thing you could be doing. Before you, I never knew I would have a choice." Kelly, AK

    "...Are you kidding?!!!! I have been lusting after the clothes since I first laid eyes on them. They are so very beautiful and I would be honoured to be your model. There are several items I love, especially - perhaps you could help me choose. ...Thank you - I find your creativity inspiring. And contagious. Connecting with women like you and T has been such a joy for me." Laurie, Canada